Our challenge

Our existing technology is outdated and creates hurdles to the way we deliver services.

Our colleagues who work on the front line of children’s services often work remotely and on the move. Battling with devices and systems that are slow and unreliable prevents them from doing the work that’s important: improving outcomes for children and young people.

Our solution

Simplifying our technology and supplying our colleagues with suitable devices makes it easier for us all to:

  • work from home or on the move
  • collaborate with our partners
  • spend less time ‘doing IT’ and free-up time to focus on our work

Transforming our technology

Barnardo's colleagues testing new laptops

We started by doing user research across the charity so we could base our decisions on colleagues’ needs rather than IT needs.

We did a lot of hands-on testing on a variety of devices – including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and phones – to get feedback on what works best for our people and the way they work. 

We’re also trialling a move to G Suite so:

  • we can store data securely
  • groups of colleagues can collaborate on the same document wherever they are
  • users can access and edit their documents on any device, in any location

Using our new kit

We’re upgrading the WiFi at our 1200+ sites so the new kit will work faster and connections will be smoother and simpler. 

Saving time and money

Our new devices and IT infrastructure means we'll be spending less time and money managing and maintaining our network and kit. We expect to reduce our annual technology budget by more than 20% by 2021.

Next steps

We’re piloting the new devices and G Suite in September 2019 before rolling out more widely.