Our challenge

Our old intranet had too much outdated information. It was difficult to manage and use. Colleagues also told us our internal communication was too focused on broadcasting information instead of enabling conversation.

Our solution

We developed Inside.Barnardos, the most accessible and sustainable intranet we could possibly build, and introduced Workplace, a new way of sharing news and conversation.


We built Inside.Barnardos so we can:

  • share knowledge, guidance and best practice
  • get the information we need to do our work efficiently
  • feel informed, supported and connected as an organisation

Building an intranet without walls

mobile phone screen showing inside.barnardo's homepage

We began by researching our users’ needs: we gathered insight from across the charity to understand what our colleagues need from an intranet.

Then we audited the content from our previous intranet, evaluating the purpose and efficiency of each page. We reduced over 5000 pages to just 300 pages of content that's useful and easy to find.

We built Inside.Barnardos using open-source software. It’s optimised for mobile devices and it's accessible everywhere.

That means anybody who needs information from Inside.Barnardos can get it, whether you're in the office, on the train, in a Barnardo's shop or working off-site with children and young people.

We built it using our design system and wrote it in plain English in accordance with our style guide.

Inside.Barnardos is now the home of all 'static’ information and resources, from safeguarding policies to guidance on how to induct a new member of your team.


Workplace screenshot

We designed Inside.Barnardos to be lean, clean and easy to access. To keep it that way, we needed a new way of sharing news and updates.

Workplace is the perfect platform to do this. It's easy to share news, updates, photos and videos. It's similar to Facebook, but specially adapted for our internal use.

The chat and video calling functions help us to work together and learn from each other across the charity, and spend less time managing email.

Our users

All Barnardo’s employees and volunteers have access to Inside.Barnardos. You can see it too.

Sensitive information is hosted in a separate, secure space that can be only accessed by those in the charity who need to use it.

Workplace is available to all our employees. We plan to bring our volunteers on board in 2019.

Next steps

Inside.Barnardos and Workplace are live. We’re gathering feedback to ensure they both do everything we need them to.