Our challenge

11,000 young people leave care every year in the UK, some as young as 16. They often find themselves isolated, alone, and unable to find help.

We need to ensure that: 

  • care leavers have the confidence and support they need to become fully independent
  • our social care services have the resources they need to support them
  • our products and services are available and accessible to those who need them most, wherever they live

Our solution

3 young people walking down a road

We're developing Journey, an app to reach and help as many young people in need as possible.

With Journey, they can: 

  • connect with other care leavers to share support and advice
  • access practical resources and answers to everyday problems, such as finding a local GP or opening a bank account
  • share status updates, which are visible to personal advisers who can keep track of the young person's welfare and provide real-time support and advice

Building Journey

We began by gathering data and insight into the feelings and experiences of care leavers and their personal advisers. 

Then, with help from Futuregov and the CareTech Foundation, we set about designing an app that could provide the daily support and advice that care leavers need while finding their feet.

We began building Journey using agile methodology in summer 2018. It’s currently in the alpha stage of development (testing prototypes). 

Using Journey

Journey will be easy to download on any smartphone or tablet. All you need to set up an account is an email address.

It can be accessed and used by care leavers and their personal advisers, who can be on hand when needed.

Next steps

We’re testing Journey with internal users and will base the next phase of development on our findings.

We're planning to release it  to the public while still testing, developing and improving it (beta) in Easter 2020.

Find out more

Learn more about Journey from the team building it.