We’re changing the way we design and deliver children’s services, not only to meet today’s challenges, but to prevent tomorrow’s. We’re doing this in collaboration with Barnardo’s experts, practitioners, commissioners and other external partners.

We are:

  • ensuring everything we do is user-centred and meets the real needs of children and young people – now and into the future
  • working with vulnerable young people to design and produce services that help them through life – from having their first conversation about mental health, to leaving care more confidently
  • starting small and iterating, testing innovative approaches and learning quickly to reduce the risk of unsustainable, undesirable or ineffective solutions
  • influencing, designing and leading change in the care industry, taking a systemic approach so that everything, from face-to-face services to our website, gives the support children and families need, in the way they need it

Below you can see some of the projects we’re working on right now.