Our challenge

We’re a large organisation with a lot of work to do, and social care funding is shrinking. We need to be more efficient with our time and resources so we can improve outcomes for the children and young people we support.

To make responsible choices about what we do and how we do it, we need to base our decisions on accurate data and insight. 

Our solution

A man using a laptop in an office

We’re trialling a business intelligence and analytics tool called Tableau that will allow us to:

  • produce reports quickly and easily
  • share information in a more visual way with our colleagues and third-party experts

Improving how we manage, share and use our data will make us more efficient and effective.

Trialling Tableau

Before spending money on multiple software licences for the many people who might use it, we’re asking a small group of Barnardo’s employees to test Tableau and provide feedback on their experiences.

Next steps

We’ll measure the success of Tableau against the improvements we want to make to our reporting processes. During the trial we’ll be asking:

  • does using Tableau save us time?
  • does it provide us with better information?
  • is it easy to use?
  • does it to suit the unique needs of our charity?

At the end of the pilot we’ll look at the data and decide whether Tableau is a valuable investment for Barnardo’s. If so, we’ll plan for a roll-out once the results are in.