Our challenge 

As the UK’s largest children’s charity, we hold sensitive and personal information about thousands of children and young people.

Our current recording system is based on virtual filerooms, containing many virtual files in many virtual cabinets. This means that one person's data can exist in multiple places. This is challenging to maintain and increases the workload of our data protection team.

Our solution

 padlock and chain

We’re trialling a new case management system called Eclipse. It should help us to store, access and protect our children and young people's data more efficiently and securely. 

Piloting Eclipse

We've worked with colleagues involved in the trial to set up Eclipse across our different service types and settings. We're already piloting Eclipse in two local Barnardo's services.

If the trial is successful, Eclipse will be our main tool for recording our work with the children and young people who use our services, including things like contacts and case notes. 

Next steps

We’re planning to do one more pilot before we start our roll-out across our children's services. 

Once we’ve fully configured Eclipse for all our services and  planned our approach to data migration and training, we can roll the new system out across the charity.

We’ll continue to test the system and use feedback from our colleagues to make sure it's as user-friendly and efficient as possible.